What is D’mok Revival: Mindwalk?

During the editing process of book three, my amazing editor, Arlene Robinson, voiced her concern about two specific chapters. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them, she felt they interrupted the pacing and focus of the overall story arc.

The two chapters in question were around 13,000 words that covered the mindwalk that the character known as Katen does in the mind of the Nukari beast captured in book two.

The segment exposed a great deal of information about what’s going on in the Nukari side of the universe.  Specifically, where the contemporary Nukari beasts were created, what type of master Kajlit’ga was, how the Nukari beast felt about Nukari activities, and what they knew about Rhysus Mencari.

It was very difficult to pull it from book three because I felt it really provided great insights into what’s happening in the D’mok literary universe.  It also exposed the mysterious personalities of Fio’tro and Fia’ra, and proved they were more than a bad case of dementia for Katen. In fact, you see their abilities and finally understand that Katen’s powers are actually a result of channeling what all three beings once individually did.

My editor did, in fact, review the content and professionally edit it. In response to some of her concerns and confusions, I added more content taking the word count to over 15,000.  In the end, she really enjoyed it and saw the value in what it added to the D’mok literary universe.

I couldn’t sit on this! I wanted to share it, especially for the amazing fans of the D’mok series.  So, I decided to package it up and release it as a stand-alone short story.  In late December, D’mok Revival: Mindwalk will go public.  To help with getting the word out, I’m going to provide in from two sources: Amazon for a minimal cost and, for fans, a special link to the D’mok Revival site where existing fans can get it for FREE. 😉

I’m looking forward to getting feedback on what people think about Mindwalk.