Marching forward – Toriko Tales

So much life happening. Lots of inspiration that I can channel into Toriko Tales.  I’ll admit I had some trouble seeing past a chapter I was working on. Usually that means I’m trying too hard to manufacture a plot and not listening enough to the characters.

A few nights ago I kept seeing a particular scene in my mind that ended up getting me past the mental block. Then yesterday morning I ended up writing an entire additional chapter. I hope this is setting a new trend for progress on this manuscript.

Honestly, I think this happen in part due to being on vacation.  I’ve been burnt out with my regular job, getting ensnared with the political dramas going on in our government, and other things.  I’ve recently taken steps to prune away my visibility to much of the things that were distracting me.  It seems my current tactics are working.

As a side note, HoverDome is coming along great.  Matt and I have the box artwork done. The updated cards based on the past Protospiel testing are complete. We can send them to our manufacturer for a professional prototype now.

More soon!