Book 3 is nearly here!

Two weeks after I launched D’mok Revival: Retribution I sent the completed third manuscript to my amazing editor Arlene. I knew in order to achieve my December 2014 release I needed to get the manuscript edited, and a new cover design from Glenn by October, so I could print it in November, and have it by my goal.

I promised my fans, so I worked hard!  I’m proud (thrilled) to announce book 3, D’mok Revival: Descension, is on schedule.  In fact, today I’ve updated the site to reflect the artwork of the third book.  If you go into the “Extras” section you can download your very over desktop artwork featuring the new cover artwork.

I have to say, working with Glenn has again been a dream. We’re a great team, and I think people will love the new cover. Arlene has pushed hard to keep the final book of the Nukari Invasion Trilogy concise and streamlined.  As a result, I have two entire chapters (over 10,000 words) that have been removed from the main book.

Fear not!  I will release this very important segment as a Web exclusive right here on

I’ve also updated the branding for book 1.  I’m so excited to get the third book in your hands and get your thoughts and feedback!

If you’ve been following the Facebook D’mok Revival page, you’ll also see a hint of another big announcement concerning the D’mok Revival universe coming up. But I won’t tell you now, you have to wait until the launch event for book 3!

As always, thank you for your amazing support!  Please keep the feedback coming!