There are so many incredible things going on right now!

I just finished my review of Kyle McCarley’s audio production of D’mok Revival: Awakening. I think he did a superb job. His creative take on the characters really brought them to life, and took the printed word to an entirely new level.  There are certainly a number of lessons learned from this experience, which I’ll post another blog entry about soon.

It’s time to start ramping up the promotion machine to prepare for the launch of the audio book.  I’m guessing late March for the début!

Then there’s book number 2: D’mok Revival: Retribution!  I’m working with Arlene Robinson again, my original editor that took on the 286,000 word manuscript (which became the Nukari Invasion Trilogy).  So much has evolved since I initially worked with her that I wanted her special touch in polishing the new incarnation of the second manuscript.

I’m very proud of how the second manuscript has transformed. At first I was apply the changes to the universe based on edits to the first book. Then I began to apply everything that I learned from the release of Awakening, and took into consideration reviews and fan interests.  I ended up reworking a great deal of the manuscript and wrote around 150 pages of new content. Some things were pulled back from book 3, others pushed forward, all in the name of creating a solid book two arc in addition to the invasion story progression. She’s currently doing her editing pass, and will have that complete mid-March.

For those that have been following D’mok Revival on Facebook, they know that I’ve been working with Glenn Clovis for the cover design of book 2.  Posting out to Facebook has allowed me to gather instant fan feedback and help cultivate the final look.  I should have the print-ready cover in a week or so.

The back-cover copy has also been vetted on Facebook a few times.  In essence, the soft cover and ebook marketing components are in great shape and nearly ready for prime-time!

I also have an initial marketing strategy prepared including solicitations of reviews and advertising to promote book 2.

As much as this seems, when my son goes to sleep I find myself still with more bandwidth. I’ve actually started working in book 3 already!  My goal is to have it out by holiday 2014 (yes, this year)—winter 2015 at the latest.  I really want it out this year yet.

I am so excited to continue this streak of amazing progress. It’s wonderful to have amazing fans who share HONEST feedback (not just the stuff they like), which helps me evolve as a writer and bring more to the D’mok Universe.