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"D'mok Revival: Retribution is a refreshing blend of adventure, drama, angst and science fiction that kept me wanting more after each page and chapter. Fans of the genre will enjoy the story's character and plot developments, as well as its intense imagery. Michael Zummo utilizes vividly descriptive writing in a successful attempt to relay his tale, and the end result is a fun and catchy read."
5 of 5 stars, Nika Raet
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"D'mok Revival: Retribution is action packed, leaving the reader with very little room to breathe as we're launched from one crisis to the next. Once Zummo grabs your attention he doesn't let go."
5 of 5 stars, Lisa Jones
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"D'mok Revival is a meaty, fast paced science fiction novel. The author has put his heart and soul into this novel, passion seeps through his book."
5 of 5 stars, Jack Magnus
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Dímok Revival: Retribution
Book Two of The Invasion Trilogy

Rhysus Mencari lost everything to the warmongering Nukari. Only his superhuman abilities allowed him to survive their invasion. While assembling a team of D'mok Warriors, powerful aliens with abilities like his, he discovered Nukari deeply entrenched in countless worlds. Together the team disrupted numerous operations, a feat not left unnoticed by his enemy.

Now, a new threat has emerged. Vicious Nukari beasts with D'mok-like abilities have begun terrorizing worlds.

When an unknown group of super-aliens are found battling the beasts, Mencari struggles to discern would-be allies from another powerful foe.

Can his fledgling warriors win against those with abilities much like their own? Will the unknown super-race come to his aid or seek his destruction? More importantly, will the Nukari continue their subterfuge, or return as conquers with their mighty armada?

This is the second book of The Invasion Trilogy in the Dímok Revival science fiction series of novels by Michael Zummo.

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