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"It has all elements of a great sci-fi saga."
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"Rhysus is a character that you feel for..."
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"Michael Zummo's science fiction tale is filled with action and adventure."
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D知ok Revival: Awakening
Book One of The Invasion Trilogy

Millennia ago, the warmongering Nukari eradicated the ancient, space-exploring D知ar. Not even the greatest of their warriors, D知ok, gifted with super-human abilities, could stop the total annihilation of his people.

Now, the fledgling human Coalition lies in the Nukari's sights. The first attack left a space station destroyed and one man, Rhysus Mencari, the sole survivor. But in that man awakened D'mok-like powers, sparking the revival of the only forcethat could oppose this powerful enemy.

Still distraught over the loss of his family, Mencari teams up with Osuto, the last known D知ar alive. Can Mencari overcome the shadow of his past in time to master his new found abilities,gather a new team of D知ok warriors, and hunt down the Nukari before the next onslaught?

This is the first book of The Invasion Trilogy, the beginning of the D知ok Revival science fiction series of novels by Michael Zummo.

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