Preparing for the launch

Before I know it the official launch on August 3rd will be here.  Shortly thereafter will be the Chicago Comic Con event!

Tonight my sister, son, and I dropped off the first 15 books to Boswell’s Bookstore on the East side of Milwaukee.  Those books, from the first printing (what I called my seed copies), still had the $6.99 price listed.  As a result that’s all Boswell can sell them for.  We’re going to call these the “pre-launch” price.  It turns out Boswell Books will actually be selling them before the full launch.  I had some idea in my head that there would be no book sales until August 3rd.  I’m actually really excited that they will be in a bookstore on the shelves!

This weekend I’m going to put in the final edits (mostly type-o fixes) that my sister found in the ultra final review.  Then the manuscript, along with the updated cover (new UPC/EAN5 at the $8.50 price) will be headed to Mira Smart Publishing for the next run of 2000 copies.  Yes, 2000 copies!

I need to pull together a few more plans for the official launch at Bowsell’s Bookstore.  Mostly refreshments and a brief outline of what I want to say about the story.  It’s been such a long journey, it’s not like I need notes to recall it all.

The t-shirts, intended mostly as a give-away at Comic-Con, will be ready by my launch.  I’ll bring 2 or so as giveaways for the launch.

I do need to finish up my press release, which I have a draft of from my PR company.  That will happen over the next few days.  I’ll send it to multiple outlets, in addition to the Morning Blend (channel 4 morning news program) to secure my TV interview slot.

Then I should be in great shape.  I have a few Comic Con items to work out yet, which I’ll talk about in another post.

I’m very excited to get D’mok Revival: Awakening in the hands of readers!  My friend and co-worker Frank expressed an interest in purchasing my book.  He mentioned finding the site, and reading the prolog and being interested. It was a GREAT feeling.  I know there are others at work waiting to get a copy too.  Just amazing!

Well, time to take care of myself and get some rest.