Going it alone

What a process this has been!  It’s wonderful, it’s terrifying, it’s going to result in what I desire the most, which is getting my story out there!

As of this moment, I’m still on my own in this process.  Here’s a run down of what I’ve done:


– Wrote the original version

– Contracted with an initial editor

– Broke the manuscript into the first three books

– Hired a final editor to polish the resulting first book


– Developed logo and wordmark

– Contracted with Glenn Clovis and provided direction on the cover artwork

– Developed overall visual design approach


– Created Zummo Books, LLC for sales and distribution

– Secured the copyright for D’mok Revival: Awakening

– Secured my PCN number for the Library of Congress


– Secured the ISBN, and EAN 5

– Configured the Amazon site

– Determined cost / sales projections and details

– Secured “square” hardware to do pos at signings and conferences


– Secured Mira Smart publishing to print the editions

– Determine ARC copies vs seed copies

– Created and finalized the printing proofs


– Created the web site

– Created and updated social media outlets on Twitter, Facebook, Blog

– Solicited reviews using ARC editions

– Placed book at BookExpo America in New York City

– Booked conference appearances (E.G. Comic Con in Chicago in Aug 2013)

– Secured 1/4 ad in RT Book Reviews magazine

– Designed t-shirts

– Secured tv spot on The Morning Blend Channel 4 Milwaukee, wi

– Booked lauch party

– Determined collector’s edition package

– Designed bookmarks


My gosh, that’s a long list… And there’s still more to do.  I need to meet with accountants and plan out payments to states for future sales tax payments, play a strategy for taxes next year and what can be written off.

I have the next printing of the book to coordinate before the August launch.

Believe it or not, I’m also working on the second manuscript’s edits to prepare that for sales.  Mostly because scene updates keep playing in my mind based on edits made to book one that have ripple effects.  I know, it’s a sickness.  HA.  But I love it.

This book IS coming to market. Literary agents I’ve talked to like the book, but it never seems to be quite the fiction genre they represent. I hope to not hit any major landmines while I go it on my own.  There’s so much information out there about how to do it.  I’m also fortunate enough to have a background in communications, computer science, and marketing. That unique blend has allowed me to really move forward like this on my own.

In future posts I’ll talk more about the process, the story, and other events.