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"Another fantastic and stunning installment...created from passion and love."

5 of 5 stars, Kathryn Bennett,
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"Engaging and easily imaginable storytelling ... scores of action scenes, fascinating alien planets, advanced technologies and memorable characters ... enjoyable read."

5 of 5 stars,Lit Amri,
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"Entertaining on a grand scale. Characters are well-drawn and entertaining. If you like Star Wars, you'll also like D'mok Revival."

5 of 5 stars, Raanan Geberer,
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"Another thing that stands out in this book is the descriptions. I could see the Gizel beasts with their sharp bony plates, retractable claws and fanged snouts, and the bird woman able to control with a gaze."

5 of 5 stars, Anne Boling,
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  About the story

Dímok Revival: Descension
Book Three of The Invasion Trilogy

Releasing in December 2014!

The Nukari invasion changed Rhysus Mencariís life forever. It tooks years for him to accept the loss of his family and understand the strange superhuman abilities that saved him. After working with Osuto, the last remaining Dímok Warrior, Mencari began to master his abilities and find others like him. Together they created a new team of D'mok Warriors that fought against the advancing Nukari threat.

The challenge grew dire when the Nukari unleashed genetic creations with D'mok-like powers. Further, Mencariís own race used his genetics to create another superhuman team under control of the Human Coalition. When Anrik, the leader of the new Human team, was captured the D'mok Warriors were forced to rescue him and push back the beast menace.

Now, the infuriated Nukari have mobilized against Mencari. Even with new found allies, including the two Nukari defectors, will Mencari and his growing team be able to turn the tide? With the full strength of the Nukari armada unleashed, who will survive?

This is the third book of The Invasion Trilogy in the Dímok Revival science fiction series of novels by Michael Zummo.

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The Nukari Invasion Trilogy
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Descension (book 3)

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