“Success comes at a cost”

Sure, there’s the literal “cents” of this (more puns), but it’s far great than money.

Right now I’m literally dizzy from everything I’m doing. It’s all of my own making, and I’m choosing to do the things I am.  So, I’m not complaining, but rather sharing.

I have a fulltime job, I’m a single dad, I’m working on getting my first book out, I’m designing a video game for a very well known television and comic book series, I’m working on the user interface for a medical system.

I’d like to say that I see my friends all the time, but I don’t. But the friends I have aren’t the type you hang out with every day, or even a few times a week. They’re the type you see every so often, pick back up with where you left off, and have a great day or evening together.  I’ve never made friends that you hung out regularly with. I guess I’m not that kind of guy–even if I’ve wanted to be many times.

I’m a work horse, I always have been, I always will be. I get my personal satisfaction out of feeling I’ve created or accomplished something–perhaps even my own sense of self-esteem too.

The most important person in my life is my son. He’s the only thing that’s immutable in my life. I make a point to ensure time with him isn’t impacted by my hobbies in life. On the few nights or weekends he’s not with me (at his other parent’s home) I work. Though, I always miss him horribly.

They say you only live once, and that life is meant to be lived not observed.  Well, I’m certainly experiencing a lot. The stubborn Italian, Taurus in me won’t let me drop any of these important (and personally fulfilling) efforts!  Of course, the body doesn’t care about what the mind wants.

There is a significant cost to go after dreams. But doesn’t it just make your dreams that much more valuable?  I’ve sat for too long on the side lines, playing everything safe, architecting a house of cards that I’ve seen fall down before.  Now–now my approach is live the best you can, make the most of everything I do, and stay doing the things I love.  Nothing else is worth it, especially a false sense of security.

I may fail in what I try, but God help me–I’m going to burn like a star until I can’t any more.